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This year's 2015 wine lineup boasts nearly two dozen wines from some of the world's most renowned wine regions. It is worth mentioning that this year's selection includes wines from several local wineries, vineyards, and wine importers offering our participants a wide selection of vintages and virietals to suit many wine tastes. Some of the wineriers representented in our wine booths include:


Bianco di Sei Sorrelle ♦ Carpenter Wines ♦ Cline Cellars
DRNK Wines ♦ Giuseppina ♦ Grant Marie ♦ Jacuzzi Family Vineyards 
La Playa Estate Vineyards ♦ Leese-Fitch ♦ Moobuzz Winery 
Plungerhead Winery ♦ Tinga Reserve ♦ White Pearl 






Each year several varietals are poured, with another 15 or so featured in the Premium Wine Garden. Booths are sponsored by regional vintners as well as business sponsors with their own wine selection. Among the wineries represented in the past are:


Beaulieu Vineyards ♦ Cambridge California Cellars ♦ Craftwork Cellars ♦
Crème de Lys ♦ Guenor Lillies ♦ Jacella ♦
Parducci ♦ Stella Wineries ♦ Zynthesis 





Interested in participating in knowing more about being a Festival Wine Sponsor? Are a Vintner interested in having your wines poured? It's easy. Simply contact us, or submit a sponsorship application.




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The Novato Chamber of Commerce is Proud to Announce 2016's, Major Festival Sponors:


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